Wednesday, April 21, 2010



First sight made an impression
First convo became an all night session.

First smile I put on your face was delightful
First laugh we shared was playful.

First holding of my hand has  awakened
First vibing in the making.

First caressing touch ignited sparks of fire
First kiss became a passion, a desire.

First night together was comforting
First morning after was affirming.

Firsts among many firsts.

-C. Arin Atkins

Peace, Life, Love

Monday, April 12, 2010

Landscape around us

The landscape of our lives is changing.

Over the spring break, I rode around parts of this city that I haven't been to in a while. As I passed some old familiarities, I noticed not only that some were gone, but how run down and old we have ALLOWED the buildings and land to become.
I also took note of how many buildings are being built on top of so much land everywhere! Green space gone. I admit that I feel that there is so much more we should be doing as a society...a COMMUNITY to better this situation. Take care of what we have and improve on it when needed. We can no longer just sit back and watch it fade away. When the scape around us begins to disappear, so does our culture, our stories, our livelihoods, our very beings-to a certain extent. What can we do? When will we do it?

Reflecting on all of the changes, I also realized how the landscape of my life is changing. I am approaching a new phase and role in my life that I have never been in before. As scary as it seems, I am welcoming all of the landscape changes. Unlike our community, I know that I must step up to address the changes around me.  I embrace the fear and use it as a tool to strengthen my Faith! I think of prayers as my "crane" to build on the landscape around me. Building on my dreams, my life. 

Peace, Life, Love