Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Black Positive Image Presents: "You Don't Know My Story" Campaign

Often there are times when something strikes me and creates an inspirational, teachable moment in me. This is one! One of the young ladies I follow on Twitter speaks of this campaign and I want to do my part by sharing the word! Please become a part of something positive and forward moving and thinking! Thank you!
You Don't Know My Story is a campaign geared towards recognizing self prosperity through reflection and appreciation that everyone has a life story worth telling.

Black Positive Image has partnered with an 8th grade after school program in Atlanta, Georgia that serves as a vessel in continuing this campaign. We plan to create a booklet of submissions for the young ladies involved in the character development program and also post them to a blog site created for the campaign.

Help us bring this campaign to life! All we ask is that you take the time to share your story so that young ladies and people around can learn, reflect, and grow.

Submission Details:
v Female Submissions Only
v Stories should e mailed to: knowmystory@gmail.com
v Length: 1-2 pages single spaced
v Submissions can be Anonymous
v We encourage you to invite your network to help keep this campaign alive.
v Understand by submitting a story you give us permission to use it for the printed booklet. However, we will still make selections based on the quantity received. Please specify if you would like to remove your submission from being posted on a blog. Dates:

v Deadline : 4/12/10
v Notified of use for Booklet: 4/23/10
v Booklet made by :5/4/10

Thank you in advance for helping bring this campaign alive and helping young ladies experience triumph through your lens.

Spring Break

Spring is here..so where is my Break?? LOL
It's on it way...
But for whatever reason, I am in need of a serious break from life. So I can renew, re-energize, re-evaluate, and then in turn re-evolve into something new!
Isn't that what Spring is all about?! It is for me and I will be taking full advantage.
Winter has put a number on me..mostly professionally, but the "hibernation" did my heart good during the cold months. I learned so much and now I want to take this time to reflect and apply all that I've learned!
This will be a great break...good sunshine, great company of family and friends, tightening bonds, gaining insight through reflections and conversations, and more than anything creating invaluable memories. I love Spring and welcome it with open arms!

Peace, Life, Love

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Never perfect...just believe

I know that we nor the world around is perfect...but yet I continue to believe in the good of them some way, some how. I also apply this belief to the subject of Love. Hence, something that I have awaited in doing will be birthed soon! There have been many times that I found love, or it found me and neither us were perfect and time, time again I still believed in it. And it in me. Often this experience formed itself into lyrical words...my poetry.
I am in the the beginning process of publishing my work of poetry, "Never perfect...just believe". Such an exciting and amazing time! I have been enjoying this "pregnancy", however, I know that the time is soon to introduce my little baby to the world. She has stirred within for many years and at the beginning of this year, I made the decision that it was time.
As I continue through the process, please pray for me and this project, my friends.
I will keep you posted on the outcomes and updates. I look forward to sharing this with you....

Peace, Life, Love

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We grow & become...

Everyday is a new opportunity for us to learn more and then in turn growing more... Steadily becoming and changing into something new. This is a great feat and wonderful time.
I have always been a believer in that life does not have destinations...it is all a journey! Springtime always reminds me of this and the growth we accomplish daily.
As of late, I have been taking note of so many things that I'm learning! Regardless of how small the experience may have been, the growth I am seeing in me is becoming tremendous! I feel myself gaining, changing, and coming more into the woman I want and more than anything-need- to be! I thank God for this. Change is evolving...
What do you do to grow? What and who are you becoming?
Happy Spring!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lessons learned

This past week has been one of significant change for me and my family. We have lost the matriarch of our family, my dear grandmother. I loved that my mother said that although my grandmother's physical heart was weak, she loved us tremendously. And even more she loved God.
She not only passed on stories of family history, but also life lessons that I can still use to this day. I learned about social graces and the importance of being a true independent, Southern Lady. She knew how to make the best meals, be a best friend to her husband, catering to her family, and the importance of higher education by obtaining two degrees. More than anything, I learned that you should always be true to yourself and your dreams.
She will be missed everyday, but I know that I now have a new Guardian Angel to watch over me and my dreams. One that truly believes in me and them. I miss her, I love her, and want to make her proud.
Here's to lessons learned....