Sunday, June 13, 2010

Love of myself

Little brown-skinned girl

Promise in yourself
Little brown-skinned girl
Because no one else will
The road before you may seem rough
And times you will get weary
You are tough
Tougher than you ever know.

Desire more for yourself
Little brown-skinned girl
No one can believe in you enough
Your journey will lead you to many paths
But just know that all are not meant to be for you.

Stand tall against it all
Little brown-skinned girl
Times will come when you want to tell the world, 
"stop I'm getting off!" and it won't let you...
you hold on by a thread.
Stand firm and grip on tight for the ride.
The skin you are in is powerful
Little brown-skinned girl
Its smoothness embodies the strength
You possess. 
 People have feared its depths and have misunderstood its fullness.
 Don't be shy, embrace it whole.

Love for you.
Little brown-skinned girl
You are not perfect, you are human.
Mistakes will be made for you to birth new opportunities from.
Espouse all of your good and help it become your greatness.

These are words of advice
Little brown-skinned girl
For you to face this life with.

C. Arin Atkins

*Growing up in the South, there were was a phase of time where the skin I wore was not popular (lighter skin was preferred). Internally this caused a slight strife in my esteem, but I never let it plant a seed to allow it to grown. However I know of girls who did not know that Black is Beautiful. That the darker the berry the sweeter the juice. I hurt for them, for they know not their strength, nor the influence the color of their skin has on beauty. This poem was written so that no other little brown skinned girl will grow up not knowing her power and loving herself-no matter the skin she is in.Enjoy.

Peace, Life, Love

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Addendum to Having it All

I wanted to add to my previous post that we all must remember that our Packages and what we consider our All is different. That's what makes this world so great....Diversity. So in saying that, it doesn't matter what your All is, it all begins with prayer. Be being prayerful and open to the journey it takes! Like my grandfather always said...nothing is worth anything if you don't go through something to get it! Enjoy!

Having it all

This morning I happened to catch a part of the Reunion of the Housewives of New York. And there was one thing that really struck me. Bethenny was becoming emotional about having a successful business, a wonderful fiancĂ©, and a baby on the way. According to her, she never thought that she could or even would "have it all".
Since when has it become a time that women feel like, what I call "The Package", was out of reach? Many, including myself at some point of desperateness, feel that they must trade a successful career for a marriage and baby or vice versa. When did this happen? Regardless, it is important for us to know that it is not the case.
My road to having my "Package" has had it's valleys and mountains, but recognizing that its a journey and that what I'm wanting is not a destination, was the key to me having it all. Right now, my life is in a good place. I'm in a wonderful, supportive relationship with a man that I can say is my best friend, have an engaging career, and see the possibility of having a baby as more than just a dream. And just to think it all began with prayer. A simple prayer that was heard and now being manifested.
Empower yourself with prayer and there is nothing that can stop you...including, but not limited to, having it All.

Peace, Life, Love

A little poetry

Fallen from Heaven

Fallen from heaven
A gift to earth
She has become
Formed from the dust of stars
Celestial dew upon eyelids
Mouth shimmering with powder of moon.
Travelling with
The pains of yesteryear
The passions of present
The promises of tomorrows
All mapped in her heart
Stories of faith of the people
Etched across her canvass

Twin soul beacons
finding their match.
He fears that in her
May be his Achilles
Within her,he knows that she
will bring Deliverance from her Womb.
The One born with a bestowed name of
First Peace
Middle Love
Last Life

Fallen from heaven
Together they are to form
A colony from earthly chaos.
Destiny undaunting, Power unwavering
Theirs to claim, reap, and sow.
Knowledge and its wealth to spread
beyond the gates of Eden.

Side by side in prayer and vigilance of justice
they rein.
Strength is his name.
Grace is hers.
Passion knotted together infinitely.
Descent from heaven for a world to become 
more grounded in righteousness and love.

*Sometimes I find inspiration in the oddest places. As a woman, every month I am reminded of the Story of Eve, due to obvious biological reasons (smile). Not only am I reminded of the sinful part of the story, but that Eve was a woman with purpose. As women, we need to remember that we are of Purpose. We have a job that we are called to do and must stand on it with God's Promises to accomplish it. This is my perspective of the Story. The job that she and we are called to do. Enjoy.

Peace, Life, Love

Monday, May 31, 2010

In Memorial

Today marks the holiday that we officially honor those who have served to protect our country and all it stands for. I believe that there is never enough gratitude to those that are currently and have done this for us.
It frightens me to think if I would have personally lost a loved one or friend to battle. I try to understand ones need to fullfill this service and come to terms to why we are in wars in the first place.
Now not to diminish what this day was originally intended for. But how could we not truly keep in memory and honor those who also made sacrifices with their lives and more for all of the other ways our lives have been changed? So in addition to servicemen and servicewomen, I want to honor and thank my ancestors, civil rights pursurers, and anyone else that has done something to make a difference in the way I am able to live today! Thank you, thank you, and thank you! I salute you all!
Peace, Life, Love

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Why of People

At first it started out as being a part of the job. Then it became a part of me. After my inquiring of a decision made, or a thought had, even feelings....I would ask then hear myself ask the person, "Why?" I felt a need to know more information and to gain additional insight into the responder.
This has become my thing! Even catch myself wondering the why to my own thoughts, feelings, and decisions. Because hey you never know when someone will ask me why!
There is even a book that I would like to reas entitled, "Start with Why". Check it out, too! You never know what you may learn! :-)

Sunday, May 23, 2010


The longer you live,the more you learn! Something that I've been learning in the past few weeks is that the Art of Commonsense is dying. No longer are people using rational thoughts or their gut feelings (intutition)! What is going on!?
I can't understand it...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I set out this month challenging myself to write on my blog everyday this month. Well, as you can see, I have not been able to keep up! I guess with the ending of the school year I am getting so unfocused on ME!
Crazy how I become undisciplined when it comes to the matters of taking care of myself. I take some "mental health days"  but not enough for me to feel recovered-fully...then life happens. I tell myself to go to the spa more often....then life happens and I never make it. With summer coming up, I want to look my best, therefore, I tell myself to exercise more and eat healthier..then life happens and I never put in the time. Every time I need to be focused and disciplined on taking care of me, I find no time or energy left....
However, I want to become more disciplined in the coming days. Becoming more disciplined will also help me to  accomplish so much more! And as for my daily breath of fresh air...I will try to do a lot better about "breathing" and taking time to smell the order to write more!

Peace, Life, Love

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I did not forget...

There are times when writing can be difficult to do daily. But then I'm reminded that I communicate in many ways on a daily basis. The last thing I do before bed is to communicate with God. Often it is through direct prayers about things or like tonight, through a showing of gratitude. Gratitude for things are sometimes that little lift you need in the day or the check of reality to remind of us the real purpose of this life.

Today I'm grateful for:

My family & friends that love me for me regardless

A job to provide our necessities

A job that I care about

The laughter of my niece when she at first was down

The ability to help my Mommie when she needed it

The care from others shown to me in unexpected ways


The feeling of being needed

For being heard when I needed someone to do more than just listen

Compassion of strangers in my other world

The expectation to gather with my girls tomorrow

And so much more!

I could go on and on...but I just wanted you to know that I didn't forget! I never can dismiss my daily gratitudes. I didn't forget....and pray to never do.

Peace, Life, Love
(Written this on Monday, May 4th, but had technical difficulties..ahhh...Life!)

Monday, May 3, 2010

A Life worth Living

Read a quick article on about how women are always living their lives full of regret. Constant comparisons to other women. Worries over achievements yet accomplished. Well, unfortunately, this is so true of many us-present company included.
There is always planning for the "next steps" and keeping up with The Book Club. These things come to a point where they consume my life. And while I"m "consumed", life continues.... Everyone else is living theirs, unbeknowning that I am choosing them as a measuring stick to MY life and success. Crazy....foolish...somewhat insane of sorts.
Well...that stops today. In reading the article, I had a moment of gratitude. I have a GREAT life and it is indeed one worth living....and living it MY WAY. No more regrets, nor more comparing (you can only live it the way you want to), and if I want to accomplish more, well I have to get on it....There is no room for worries...
In fact, it conjures up one of my favorite poems...because it is truly ME. I just need to keep in mind, I have a life worth living and I need to get about the business of living it!

Pretty women wonder where my secret lies
I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size
But when I start to tell them
They think I'm telling lies.
I say,
It's in the reach of my arms
The span of my hips,
The stride of my step,
The curl of my lips.
I'm a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That's me.
I walk into a room
Just as cool as you please,
And to a man,
The fellows stand or
Fall down on their knees.
Then they swarm around me,
A hive of honey bees.
I say,
It's the fire in my eyes
And the flash of my teeth,
The swing of my waist,
And the joy in my feet.
I'm a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That's me.
Men themselves have wondered
What they see in me.
They try so much
But they can't touch
My inner mystery.
When I try to show them,
They say they still can't see.
I say
It's in the arch of my back,
The sun of my smile,
The ride of my breasts,
The grace of my style.
I'm a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That's me.
Now you understand
Just why my head's not bowed.
I don't shout or jump about
Or have to talk real loud.
When you see me passing
It ought to make you proud.
I say,
It's in the click of my heels,
The bend of my hair,
The palm of my hand,
The need of my care,
'Cause I'm a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That's me.

from And Still I Rise by Maya Angelou
copyright © 1978 by Maya Angelou.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A BOFA-ism

I have shared so much of myself in this blog and with you. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. 

What does it mean for something or someone to be a breathe of fresh air?
Defined, by various references, as "a welcome relief; a change for the better", "something relieving, refreshing or new", and "a welcome or refreshing change". That is what I daily try to embrace! My spirit craves new things that will create something better in my life. My spirit has something in it that wants to also create those opportunities for others. Here's to all of the breathes of fresh air in us ALL!

We saw the future today
You and I  glanced
We gazed
You and I stared
We saw so much more than what we came for.
Vast richness of more than what we desired lies ahead.
We saw the future and the future looked at us today....told us to live in the now while
planning the tomorrows. Time passed, together we sat and laughed about the yesterdays, no matter how sad or bad they had been.
We own it and them as much as they own us. 

We saw the future today
You and I  glanced
We gazed
You and I stared
We saw so much more than what we came for.
Embraced the freshness of what is to come.
Change puts new wind in all of our sails.
The future promised us
New life, new horizons, new air to breathe.
Asked that we only
Breath in, breath breathes.
More to come, forevermore, more to come

Peace, Life, Love

Just thoughts of Where, What, When, Why, and How

WHERE do you go for advice? 
         Seeking your own counsel is narcissistic and could be wrong. There is nothing wrong with gaining
          knowledge from others. We all learn this way. Consider your options from what you have received,
          then make a decision based on knowledge, not self fulfillment .        
WHAT is your story?
         Everyone has one. We should share them more so that we can become more connected to one another.
         Don't be afraid to share yours. Someone may gain something from yours, and vice versa.
WHEN are you successful? 
         We personally all have this "measuring stick" inside of us. We have standards that we feel we must meet
          in order to reach and know that we are successful.
WHY aren't we all responsible for our incarcerated and homeless?
         We are supposed to be a caring society, it takes a village....I am sure that there is a way, however
         small,  that we can all do individually to make a difference for the good of the whole. So that these
        societal flaws become a thing of the past.
HOW did this world end up so wrong? 
         Each day, the news on TV/internet scares us, gives us bad vibes about the world around us. There
         were times of peace...we have all strayed off track into a United State of Chaos. Our President is right
        change is what we need and will have to embrace. And once again....remember..We are supposed to be
        a caring society, it takes a village....I am sure that there is a way, however small,  that we can all do
        individually to make a difference for the good of the whole.

Just had some thoughts of where, what, when, why, and how on this lazy Sunday afternoon.

Peace, Life, Love

Wednesday, April 21, 2010



First sight made an impression
First convo became an all night session.

First smile I put on your face was delightful
First laugh we shared was playful.

First holding of my hand has  awakened
First vibing in the making.

First caressing touch ignited sparks of fire
First kiss became a passion, a desire.

First night together was comforting
First morning after was affirming.

Firsts among many firsts.

-C. Arin Atkins

Peace, Life, Love

Monday, April 12, 2010

Landscape around us

The landscape of our lives is changing.

Over the spring break, I rode around parts of this city that I haven't been to in a while. As I passed some old familiarities, I noticed not only that some were gone, but how run down and old we have ALLOWED the buildings and land to become.
I also took note of how many buildings are being built on top of so much land everywhere! Green space gone. I admit that I feel that there is so much more we should be doing as a society...a COMMUNITY to better this situation. Take care of what we have and improve on it when needed. We can no longer just sit back and watch it fade away. When the scape around us begins to disappear, so does our culture, our stories, our livelihoods, our very beings-to a certain extent. What can we do? When will we do it?

Reflecting on all of the changes, I also realized how the landscape of my life is changing. I am approaching a new phase and role in my life that I have never been in before. As scary as it seems, I am welcoming all of the landscape changes. Unlike our community, I know that I must step up to address the changes around me.  I embrace the fear and use it as a tool to strengthen my Faith! I think of prayers as my "crane" to build on the landscape around me. Building on my dreams, my life. 

Peace, Life, Love

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Black Positive Image Presents: "You Don't Know My Story" Campaign

Often there are times when something strikes me and creates an inspirational, teachable moment in me. This is one! One of the young ladies I follow on Twitter speaks of this campaign and I want to do my part by sharing the word! Please become a part of something positive and forward moving and thinking! Thank you!
You Don't Know My Story is a campaign geared towards recognizing self prosperity through reflection and appreciation that everyone has a life story worth telling.

Black Positive Image has partnered with an 8th grade after school program in Atlanta, Georgia that serves as a vessel in continuing this campaign. We plan to create a booklet of submissions for the young ladies involved in the character development program and also post them to a blog site created for the campaign.

Help us bring this campaign to life! All we ask is that you take the time to share your story so that young ladies and people around can learn, reflect, and grow.

Submission Details:
v Female Submissions Only
v Stories should e mailed to:
v Length: 1-2 pages single spaced
v Submissions can be Anonymous
v We encourage you to invite your network to help keep this campaign alive.
v Understand by submitting a story you give us permission to use it for the printed booklet. However, we will still make selections based on the quantity received. Please specify if you would like to remove your submission from being posted on a blog. Dates:

v Deadline : 4/12/10
v Notified of use for Booklet: 4/23/10
v Booklet made by :5/4/10

Thank you in advance for helping bring this campaign alive and helping young ladies experience triumph through your lens.

Spring Break

Spring is where is my Break?? LOL
It's on it way...
But for whatever reason, I am in need of a serious break from life. So I can renew, re-energize, re-evaluate, and then in turn re-evolve into something new!
Isn't that what Spring is all about?! It is for me and I will be taking full advantage.
Winter has put a number on me..mostly professionally, but the "hibernation" did my heart good during the cold months. I learned so much and now I want to take this time to reflect and apply all that I've learned!
This will be a great break...good sunshine, great company of family and friends, tightening bonds, gaining insight through reflections and conversations, and more than anything creating invaluable memories. I love Spring and welcome it with open arms!

Peace, Life, Love

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Never perfect...just believe

I know that we nor the world around is perfect...but yet I continue to believe in the good of them some way, some how. I also apply this belief to the subject of Love. Hence, something that I have awaited in doing will be birthed soon! There have been many times that I found love, or it found me and neither us were perfect and time, time again I still believed in it. And it in me. Often this experience formed itself into lyrical poetry.
I am in the the beginning process of publishing my work of poetry, "Never perfect...just believe". Such an exciting and amazing time! I have been enjoying this "pregnancy", however, I know that the time is soon to introduce my little baby to the world. She has stirred within for many years and at the beginning of this year, I made the decision that it was time.
As I continue through the process, please pray for me and this project, my friends.
I will keep you posted on the outcomes and updates. I look forward to sharing this with you....

Peace, Life, Love

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We grow & become...

Everyday is a new opportunity for us to learn more and then in turn growing more... Steadily becoming and changing into something new. This is a great feat and wonderful time.
I have always been a believer in that life does not have is all a journey! Springtime always reminds me of this and the growth we accomplish daily.
As of late, I have been taking note of so many things that I'm learning! Regardless of how small the experience may have been, the growth I am seeing in me is becoming tremendous! I feel myself gaining, changing, and coming more into the woman I want and more than anything-need- to be! I thank God for this. Change is evolving...
What do you do to grow? What and who are you becoming?
Happy Spring!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lessons learned

This past week has been one of significant change for me and my family. We have lost the matriarch of our family, my dear grandmother. I loved that my mother said that although my grandmother's physical heart was weak, she loved us tremendously. And even more she loved God.
She not only passed on stories of family history, but also life lessons that I can still use to this day. I learned about social graces and the importance of being a true independent, Southern Lady. She knew how to make the best meals, be a best friend to her husband, catering to her family, and the importance of higher education by obtaining two degrees. More than anything, I learned that you should always be true to yourself and your dreams.
She will be missed everyday, but I know that I now have a new Guardian Angel to watch over me and my dreams. One that truly believes in me and them. I miss her, I love her, and want to make her proud.
Here's to lessons learned....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Funny how...

These are some random thoughts I've had this month. Enjoy! just happens to you and sometimes YOU happen to it?
... One's love of self is displayed in love for others that look like you?
...someone can make the most of your day by just sharing in it with you? the struggling of times, you can find the best memories? meet people that come in your life and leave an impression that carries on?
...time seems to not mean anything when you are with good people?
... As Black Americans we disrespect ourselves the most by not celebrating or making a huge deal out of the reason for this month?! the way I like Twitter way more than facebook! just know what you want when something or someone happens in your life?
...I'm sooo ready to face life a little more than I did in the beginning of this month?
...we "give up" something for Lenten season only to gain so much more, especially spiritually? sometimes a no is your path to a yes? can so many random thoguhts as these and not think to share them?

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Sometimes you come to a crossroad.. Life offers you many! And for folks like me, somewhat indecisive, it can be a stressful choose which path to take! But what I have now learned to do is to not worry or over analyze or think way too much about it.
 Instead, I decide that I will make moves and then Frost's poem comes to mind-I often take a road less traveled. There are times when I do conform and follow the well worn paths because some experience and history can be beneficial. But regardless of the path chosen, make a move! Don't get stagant!! Life continues to happen around you, so be a part of it! Good luck in your travels!
Remember happiness is a part of the journey and is not a destination!Get moving....and don't stop 'til you have breathe no more!
Peace, Life, Love

Monday, February 1, 2010

Month of Love

Happy February!! Of course this month is about celebrating Black History and Valentine's Day. I love the month of may be the shortest month, but that makes me treasure each day in it more and more.
I want this month to be all about Love!
Love of our history-what it means for our present and how it influences our futures.
Love of ourselves-take care and treat yourself special.
Love of others-there is so much negativity in our world today that it is so important (now more than ever) to treat our brothers and sisters better.

Show Love. 
Feel Love.
Think Love.
Act out of Love.
Be Love!

Love is not always a noun...make it a verb...Put it into action, this month(especially) and every month....remember that! Celebrate love all month...make each day special in your own way.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Happy Place

Right now the weather outside is everything but delightful...rainy, a little cold...but I'm in my happy place! It is warm, fuzzy feeling, butterflies fluttering, sunshine being golden....yeah, it can be that GOOD! I feel sooo happy and good about where I am in my life right now! So many reasons to be blessed and not enough not to be! When I wrote the following poem, initially, I was a place where I wasn't sure how to feel about me...but towards its finishing, I began to arrive in a 'happy place'. Hope you see it that way as well...enjoy! And find your Happy Place today.

To know Myself is to love Myself

To know myself is to love myself
But as a walking contradiction
How can I know...?
Within, I still feel like a shy one, who felt that the skin she was in, wasn't the IN kind of skin.
Fading into black, being ever the sweet.
Beauty and love in the eye of it's beholder is what I seek.

Part of me is shattered, this I do know.
In need of hope, empowerment, understanding, inspiration, and more patience than I have.... Something that your love might not can provide.
I need to release my heart, if you are to come in.
Forgive myself for the pain I sent it through, when it did fall in love once upon the last time.
Fearful of falling again, but fearful not to.
Time moves on, I trust in that I loved me to know that I was in need of more.

Looking at a mirror but seeing the differences in what I am as I stand and what I am staring back at.
Acceptance of flaws and uphold to enhance, compliment.
Unconditionally, unselfishly give unto the favor I deserve and seek. No more wanting it to come from you.
More meaningful when my alter ego gives in...
Letting go and pardoning us for her past transgressions.
Admitting that we are one and becoming stronger...
When she appears, she hides behind words still.
She needs to let go of the anger that beholds.
Seek permission to love again. To believe in love...Starting with the within.

Faithful in the journey, I am striving to become.
Listening to soul and wisdom.
Sit still, be quiet, and let life happen as it should.
Wanting warmth to wrap peace over all the pieces scattered sinfully.
Face the world whole, no longer dismantled
Believing in pretty promises made through an insatiable sanity of a desire to live life in an extraordinary existence.
Deciding on defining my next decade as becoming a Phoenix rising among the lotus flowers
Renewal, rebirth of my tranquility, serenity
Unearthing who I am to myself... And beginning to understand what falling in love with her is about.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I'm always at a wonder about the things that I am and become passionate about. I also wonder often about the passions of do you discover your passions?


Find it in

Find it in
Whirling winds

Find it in

Find it in
Warm caresses
Fiery kisses

Find it in

Find it in
Setting suns
Rising moons

Passions override foundations
Of consciousness
Overtake awareness of present
In order to give the future life.

Reveal it in

Reveal it in
Pumping of fists
Quickening of hearts

Reveal it in

Reveal it in
Tightiest of embraces
Weight of decisions

Reveal it in
Your presence
Your desires

Reveal it in
Breaths taken
Moments created

Reveal it in
Rising suns
Setting moons

Passions override foundations
Of consciousness
Overtake awareness of present
In order to give the future life.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cherish each moment

Today has been a day of a heavy heart. More visuals are flooding in about the devastation in Haiti. I knew it was bad....but wow! My mind and eyes were trying to comprehend and process it all. But my poor heart broke and I cried.
The bottom line is that we are human first and we have to help each other. Come together and make sure we can help rise above the adversities of life.
This unfortunate event also makes me want to do a better job in embracing and cherishing everyone close to me as well as others. Don't wait to tell any and maybe everyone you know that you care about them. Don't wait to do for others. Don't wait to love the moments we are in. For as one of my fav quotes says, " life is not measured in the amount of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away." Create and cherish more of those moments with those that mean so much to you! Tomorrow is not promised. But we can face it a little better when we know we are not alone!
Do something to support Haiti... We are one.
Peace, love, life

Pic by Mario Lathan
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Love Letter

Back in the day, most of my relationships began with a simple note of "Be my girl? Check yes, no, or maybe" Once yes was began! It was so simple and sweet.
Then as I grew older, found new loves, heart broken and mended over again. Through it all, I received some of the best and loving of love letters and little notes. Even one ex took time to pen his affectionate words on beautiful paper he bought specifically for letters to me. During this time, I think that's when my love for love began.
As time continues on, we are submitting ourselves to some quick text messages and emails.... Gone are the days of the traditional, paper love letter. Where the author spent time on finding the right words to express himself. Gone are the days when my heart would flutter when I recieved a love letter in the mail. Gone are the days when I would find clever ways to respond to them.
Wow... I truly miss love letters! And even still I hope those days are not truly gone!
Write a love letter to someone yourself! Hope I get one too! Smile :)
Peace, love, life

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Shortie...

Soulful Union

When we make love, it is a union of our souls.
Upon entrance into my temple of intimacy,
 our souls come upon one another.
With each rhythmic caress, they dance ceremoniously with
joy and kiss with tenderness until…
They summit into a culmination, convening, and merging into singularity.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Cabin Fever

When you are "stuck" inside during inclement weather, there are bouts of cabin fever that you may experience. Well, that is me today. But I also began to reflect on times when I was "stuck" in a situation and the feelings I had about that.
I wanted to find anything or anyone that could give me an excuse or way to leave. I would think of all the things I could be doing or people I could be seeing. But you know the being stuck might be for a reason. Now I understand that God wants you still! Your cabin fever is so you learn or think of alternatives, better ways to handle your situation, and even some patience! That can be powerful!
So as much as I'm hating this cabin fever today, I know in the big picture of things, it's for a reason and I need to enjoy it! Sigh...
Peace, love, life

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The other side....

The Words of a Poet (Wanna-be)

Words flood my mind and dreams
Bringing me out of sleep to scribe them.
To nurture them to life.
Purpose? They are a Purpose.
To inspire
To evoke
To confront and conquer
To make everyone aware of them.
The words of a poet (wanna-be).

Power of the pen and paper.
Projects unwinding.
Words written in fancy books, plain script.
My pen seems to always send love messages.
Betraying the whispers of my heart and head for all to see.
Can't hide behind my words for only so long.
They say we empower you.
We are your voice.
We are a meaning for living.
With them I trade one slavery for another kind.
Laboring forth words for the redemption of my soul, love, and wisdom.
Giving glory ot a kingdom beyond me.
My tongue speaking truths that bind me to the craft.
Freedom to move from my sub-consciousness to draft to reality.
The words of a poet (wanna-be).

In love with it, I can't escape.
If it kidnapped me, I wouldn't care.
To be in the presence of such creativity is a honor
that I wouldn't pass.
Search far and wide over the landscape I will go.
For the expressive ebbs and flows I want to know.
The more I write, the more I crave.
The sunshine of my days and stars of my nights.
Its temptation as a sweet as agave
When I surround myself with kin thinkers and shapers of verse.
Push further they say, reach your depths and it will purge forth.
More I begin to see that these words are of a poet (wanna-be).

Courtney (1/2010)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Biggest Part

Anyone that knows me knows that my family is very important to me. And that also Includes the family I have chosen... My friends.
However, there are some very key people that have contributed to my story in ways that they may never know.
One person I want to thank is my sister.
My sister is my absolute best friend! She knows me more than she knows and is the woman I want to be when I grow up. She is so knowledgable of any and everything. She is beautiful and her spirit is even brighter. She loves her family with such strength and conviction. She mothers her children unconditionally. She is a wife that upholds the virtues of a godly woman.
I don't think I've ever told her how important her wind has been in my soaring. There has not been a time that I have not needed her. Whether it was for some random fact, celeb gossip, picking me up off the floor when my heart has been broken, or anything at all. In all honesty, I probably wouldn't step out of my comfort zone if it wasn't for her. She is indeed inspirational.
She has saved my life. I thank her for that and more. So you see, she is one of the biggest parts of my story. The why and what of how I do what I do. Love you for that Sistie!
Peace, love, life!

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Friday, January 1, 2010

This blog...My story

Life is a story. At times you may even feel that a major film that you are starring in. For me, my life is like this never ending story that I keep reading! Some days it bores me and others it is so exciting and becomes a page turner!
I love the life I am living. Often, I look for beautiful random moments that give me a new perspective of my life as a means to fulfill my purpose. Those moments I consider my BOFAs.... Breaths of fresh air.
Over the past year and a half, I have shared some of those moments with you. I want to now continue that but also add more. In the coming posts, you will see more of the story that I live... More of my bofas...
Indulge me and I hope it becomes an indulgence for you. I hope that it inspires you to look more at the story your life is creates freedom!
Peace, love, life!

The things to bring in 2010


The excitement of the new year is pulsing through my mind and body! I am looking at this new year as a great beginnning and the only resolution that I will seek to fulfill is to keep the excitement I feel right now!
I know that there are a few things I would like to focus on, but will not beat myself up about through the year.
The things I want to bring in 2010 are:
1. More positivity, more productivity
2. Enjoying life and finding more happiness in it.
3. Wellness of body, and spirituality.

Through these things I believe that I can achieve some projects I want to work on and acheive this year.
I am also not looking at only improving in this year, but also over this new decade! I want to redefine it in a way that will be good for myself and others. What will you make sure that 2010 holds for you? What will you bring into it to make it the best?