Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.”
―Hal Borland

Whatever you may do this evening to celebrate the new year's entrance, I hope that it is wonderful, great, exciting, and meaningful to you in some way!
We are about to enter a fascinating time in our lives and should welcome it with open arms! Take the mistakes, regrets, lessons learned of last year and make them into the wisdom we need to do great things in 2010.
See you in the New Year!
Love, Laugh, Live

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Inspiration #2

I was recently asked about what inspires me. I am inspired by life and everything, experiences around me. Ironically the person that posed the question has also become an inspiration to me. He has taken a dream and turned it into one of his realities. Has taken the beautiful words from his heart and mind, put them on paper to share with us all.
That is where I am now with my works of poetry. I love them and want to see them stimulate something in others. In 2010 I will set forth to share more of my creative side through a book of poetry, more spoken word, and continued writing and blogging. I have been inspired!
His inspiration has empowered me to move forward on my dream. Thank you!

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Decade

I am now even more excited, for whatever reason, about this new year upon us. Not only does it signify the end of 2009, but it also is the beginning of a new decade! Our new decade, I believe, will be defined by freedom of creative expression. More will we see people using the right side of their brains, which fosters our creativity...and we as a global community,  are in need of more REAL, MEANINGFUL things in our daily world. There seems to be a need for us to fully express our feelings, thoughts in all types of expressive means.
Remember, art tells the story of life...let's create more beautiful, inspirational art, for our life is beginning to depend on it.
I will also be moving my blog into that direction...look for the new changes to come as I  begin to change. As always, your love, support, and well wishes are greatly appreciated!



Tomorrow is just a day away,
But think, today was tomorrow,
     Yesterday was tomorrow, the day before yesterday was a tomorrow.

Everyday is a tomorrow. There is a hope.

Monday, December 28, 2009

2009....the things to leave behind

There are about 3 more days left in 2009. I was thinking what made an impression on me this year, in a positive way. The list was somewhat short honestly. It made me see that I am a little more than ready to welcome a new year.
I also reflected on what are the things I would like to leave behind in is my short list.
1. Negative people: If you don't bring positive energy into my life, you will not be welcomed in.
2. Complaining: this is a bad habit of mine and what does it accomplish in the end? Complaining is not a resolution, it's only a hinderance.
3. No follow through: I can no longer short myself or those around me. If I thought something is worthwhile of my involvement, then I need to be 100 in it.
4. Thinking of what others may think:
Not that i don't care what you may think, because I'm human and I still will no matter what. But I'm coming to a place that what others may think will not be a priority in my future actions and plans.

I'm sure there are other miscellaneous things that I will make leave behind and people for that matter. However these are the things I wil consciously work on leaving behind in 2009. Be blessed.
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Monday, December 21, 2009

The Reason for the Season

On yesterday, I witnessed a close friend of mine get baptized! I believe that I was just as excited as she was. As she went through the ceremony, I began to think more about how this moment was what Christmas was about. God gave us his son and Christmas is the celebration of his birth. Well, in some ways I saw the baptism as a birth. It is a birth of one's new spiritual connection to Christ and growth in spirituality. This is the real reason for the season.
In this time of giving of gifts, remember there are more important gifts to be given that can not be bought or found in any store. Give of yourself. Make promises to share your time, your love, your spirit. Wrap it all up in a pretty bow, set it under the tree. I will be so excited when it is unwrapped by loved ones and they see that I've given them something that is irreplacable and could not be "bought" on thier own. What a joy!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Life Lesson....

I am a life long learner...I love learning new things. However, there is something that I believe is my lesson to truly learn in this lifetime is Patience! I read my Rev. Run Words of Wisdom this morning, which often provides me with inspiration to write. This morning's message was "Patience is a science of peace". Wow!
Patience is defined as 1). quiet, steady perseverance; even-tempered care; diligence, 2). an ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay.
Peace is defined as 1). freedom of the mind from annoyance, distraction, anxiety, an obsession, etc.; tranquillity; serenity, 2). silence; stillness.
By definition alone, these two concepts indeed go hand in hand. This is why I must achieve it heart to heart, mind to mind, and soul to soul.
How does one become patient? How does one reach peace?
First stop is Prayer.
Secondly through Purpose. What is my purpose? What is that I need to be patient about? How can I reach this peacefully.
Through prayer, my answers will come.
And like anything new that you may learn, Practice, Practice, Practice for things to become Perfect.
Therefore, on my path I will pray with purpose asking for Peace (heart, mind, soul, actions, and words) which will bring Patience, and practice it until I become perfect in the art of Patience. Life lessons to learn....

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Soldier of Love

It's the wild, wild west and I'm doing my best to stay alive....
So goes Sade's newest single, which is the title track of her widely anticipated new cd. I heard the song earlier in the week and can not get it out of my mind! Besides the beat and lyrics being hot, I'm wrapped up in the feeling the song gives me.
Right off the back it made me feel like she understood what it meant to fight for love! I've been on that quest...
I've noticed that that quest has been my muse in my writings for so long. Now I wonder why...
Who knows why it may be. So I continue my quest and now have a new anthem for my journey, because I am a Soldier of Love!

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Trying to find my Merry

I know the holidays are upon us... I even my Christmas decorations up. But you all, I'm missing my joy and merriment right now. In fact, this minute, I'm hating the holidays. Yes I did say that. But this is what I mean by it.
I'm trying keep up with a schedule of parties, gatherings, and dinners. Among that I'm also trying to figure out the "perfect gifts" on a furloughed budget for my loving family, friends, and randoms who may gift me and out of guilt I will gift. Can you say stressed with a capital S??!

So this is the thing... All year we should gather together just to celebrate being a part of each others' lives. We are not perfect, therefore, perfect gifts don't exist unless it signifies the true reason for the season... Giving love and peace unto others. However it may look and whenever it is given... Year round!
Flee commercialism.... I'm thinking about going back to my roots and beliefs this year. And I realized this all while watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special :-)
Find your true joy and merry in this season... For I'm on the journey to find mine! My mom says the lights of the tree should represent the love that is possessed by the residents... So I will look at my lights and think of the love I want to share...

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Monday, December 7, 2009


I was reminded today how important it is for me to express myself...
At times I have been told that I can be "reserved"...but little do they know that I best express myself in written form.
Therefore, I am feeling inspired to write more. So hopefully, pray for me, that I can keep up my blog on a daily (at least weekly!) basis. I love writing, I love expressing myself, I love the way writing makes me feel more whole.
You know there are days when I feel like I don't quite know myself, but when I write...things seem to figure themselves out. Change happens, life happens, content happens, and sometimes, I find patience or a new idea in it.
So today, I feel INSPIRED! I will write again...maybe I will finally tell my story in isn't much..but I'm hoping that it can make a difference some way some how to someone...
That's what I'm all about..making a difference! Inspiring to empower....remember that!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Two Questions

I have only two questions I want to ask in this post...and not that I want to respond to myself, but just to put out there....

How do you give yourself permission to fall in love?

How do you forgive yourself of the pain that comes at the end of falling in love?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lost, but grateful

In this time of thanksgiving I am grateful for many things. However, I'm also reminded of how lonely it can be when you are single. Sure I have lots of family and many good friends. But having that connection and sharing this time of year with someone special is, well, special!
Right now in some ways I feel lost. Lost in what I should be doing while I wait for God to bring my special One along. Lost in desiring more but having to be patient. Lost in not wanting to settle on just anyone and not being someone they are just settling on.
In the midst of being lost, believe it or not, I'm still grateful. Grateful for the lessons I'm learning along the way about others and myself. Grateful for the various people have met because they are wonderful to know. Grateful that it is making me wiser everyday. Grateful that I know and have the capability to be loved. That is what being grateful is all about...showing love.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Do you believe?

Never perfect...just believe

There is never a perfect time for always and forever.When we feel it in that moment then it is our moment.We will never come across a time when whatever became ours wasn't for us.Just believe...

There is never a perfect time for life to be peaceful.Chaos swirling around, we have to know that this too will pass.The valleys belong to us just as much as our peaks do. Mistakes made, lessons learned. In giving our best is where we find some peace.Just believe...

There is never a perfect time for you to become mine and me to become yours.When the door to your heart opens and I walk in, thus our journey begins. Only time will tell the true story of us, but who are we to deny what it can and will be?Just believe...

There is never a perfect time to like, lust, and love beyond ourselves.Imaginations abound, faith keeping us grounded. Beaming light into each others' darkness. Sending our hearts to reach into uncharted territories of the Souls.Just believe...

Never perfect are we, just believe in the us we have become. Trust in our imperfections for they are a part of the Perfect we can hold.

-CallaLili 11/2009

Monday, November 2, 2009


What makes you come to a point where you have had enough?
Doesn't matter how small or big that thing is....but you just know that you don't want any part of it anymore.
When is enough is enough?

There is the famous saying that goes, "Every good thing comes to an end". Well, I have always taken a different view to that...."Everything comes to a change." Just because I am tired of something being the way it is, doesn't means it has to end. It just means that it is time for a change....change in diet, change in scenery, change in a process or way I do something, change in thought or emotion....

I believe that change doesn't means an end...just a new or different beginning to something else...the other thing doesn't have to continues, but your focus is just not there as much as it had been.
I believe this is especially true of relationships and careers.

I have written a poem about the changing of "my seasons"...we all have our seasons....what season are you in? What have you had enough of and it's time to make a change? Just think on it...

My Season


Season after season// I continue to offer my all
Like the autumn leaves I am changing color and u fall off//when the wind blew just a little harder why didn't u stay// hold on for me//fight to be near to me//
Instead I go through the bareness of winter//looking foward but feeling cold// needing the breathe of fresh air that I desired

My season is about to change//I will be there to embrace it//Embracing all the changes around//how is it possible,how is it happening for me

We were once so green new fresh//lightness of being//easy//carefree
Intensity grew//heat upon us//storms brew and we battle//rain cleanses and tries to soothe the wounds

My season is about to change//I will be there to embrace it//Embracing all the changes around//how is it possible,how is it happening for me

Life brisker//I'm left behind//don't want resentment to build//I change// change for me//u are upset and feel deserted
Back and forth we go//unsure of what feels right//both unprepared to release the other//questions and blame abound//touch harder the wind blew//for me we were then through

My season is about to change//I will be there to embrace it//Embracing all the changes around//how is it possible,how is it happening for me

Feelings of inadequancies//doubt rises in fear//loneliness threatens to creep in and steal my heart
I want to hold on//make journeys to discover the mirror spirit of mine//be prayerful of all possibilities//open to whatever season I'm in

My season is about to change//I will be there to embrace it//Embracing all the changes around//how is it possible,how is it happening for me

Always for me//love is in the air// the one will not be compared// arriving in the blooming or harvesting time// as I am now sowing the seeds of our infinity
I am renewed// despite come what may//this rebirth will not be washed away//it will wait//it will be fed//it will grow// it will become the greatest masterpiece

My season is about change//I will be there to embrace it//Embracing all the love and faith around//it is possible//it is happening for me because it is My Season.

-CallaLili (10/2009)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Been soooo Long...

Might have been far from sight, but not far from mind!
I miss blogging...sharing my thoughts and ideas with others....
Please forgive me for being an absent blogger these past few months. Too much going on-return to work, death of a family member, life..
All of it just weighed on me I guess.
But I am back...
Have you ever returned to something that you know was so good for you and you can't remember how or when you stopped doing it? That's what this feels like...cozy and FALL! I love this time of year and look forward to many great things in it.
Okay....I am rambling...but I will be back with more provocative remarks to share (I hope!).

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Have you taken any time at all to promote yourself today? If you enlisted a public relations specialist, how would you want them to market you? What does the packaging look like? What does it hold inside? What is the logo? What is the jingle that goes with the commerical? What is your motto? How would you want to get the word out there about YOU being something brand new and better than before?!

It's okay to toot your own horn! It's okay to show others how fabulous you are in and out! Go out renew and then re-Brand yourself!! Take some to think about what message you want to send out, and what you want others (and more importantly yourself!) to see about you!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Poetry....just in a mood to write... is that alright?

He Wonders

He wonders, he wonders...
why I won't let him in.
I wonder, I wonder...
why he is into me.

He wonders, he wonders....
what I think of when
we spend time.
I wonder, I wonder...
what can i do to
ensure he is mine.

He wonders, he wonders...
if my head holds
thoughts of him.
I wonder, I wonder...
what he thinks of
all the time.

He wonders, he wonders...
where my heart belongs.
I wonder, I wonder...
can he take care of it.

He wonders, he wonders...
what are my reasons
to being with him.
I wonder, I wonder...
what he would do
without me.

He wonders, he wonders...
what happens when
we are apart.
I wonder, I wonder...
if he knows that I
always feel near.

He wonders, he wonders...
how our WE will come
to be.
I wonder, I wonder....
when will he make
it OUR Day.

He wonders, he wonders...
often why me.
I wonder, I wonder...
often why me.

-Callalili (5/2009)

Monday, April 20, 2009


Heart in Transit

Riding along the bumpy
tracks, making stops
along the way.

Only to find that some
stops made were the wrong

Landscapes upon each horizon
change from time to time.
Each place others bide for mine.

Trying to place itself in its
rightful place.

My heart is in transit.

Curves thrown into its path.
Holding tight to make sure
it last.

Watchful eyes guide its course.
Preparing it for the inevitable
safe haven or Heaven that it
will be bound to find.

Whispers of contentment fill
the air around.
Battling with wanting to find a place to settle,
without settling.
My heart is in transit.

No excuses to what life may bring.
No excuses to wanting everything.

Receiving what God promised
as mine.
Love overflows and seeps from
the pores.
Touches and kisses that say they
want more and more.

But does the ONE lie in wait?
No one is sure or certain to
be there to catch as I fall
time and time again...
in love.

My heart is in transit.

The journey makes it gather
Trials and tribulations makes it
The losses make it weary.

However strong it may be,
freedom to ardor is its craving.
Keeping search, it will find.
Keeping certain that the travels
are meaningful experiences.

Side to Side
along its voyage.

Heart in transit.
-CallaLili 4/20/09

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

Spring will be sprung upon us by the end of this week! Often when this time approaches, I like to take some time to go through my "stuff"-especially my house (closets!). Now, I am thinking that there is more in life to spring clean some other things in my life.Like a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual cleaning!
I am thinking that one way to get this done is to confront your sh*&! So many of us are afraid to do this- looking at the man/woman in the mirror and being honest. It can be a challenge and a refreshing experience.

Today, I will take steps for prepping for my spring cleaning. My pastor challenged us today to give up a negative habit and replace it with a positive one for a week. Although I haven't decided what my habit will be, I am up to the challenge and hope that you will try it as well! I look forward to seeing what the cleaning/cleansing holds for me and you! And I come out brand spanking new...or at least close to! Happy Spring Cleaning!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pamper Yourself

Good People!
Soon Spring will be sprung and it is a time of R-E-N-E-W-A-L! I have to ask... what will you do to "renew" yourself?!
We are also in the time of Lent... which I think is a nice transition to Spring and our renewal process. You sacrifice or take on something that will benefit you in the long run all the while, becoming more spiritually renewed. In addition, remember, a habit forms after 21 consecutive days. Hmm, a good one hopefully!
Now, with all of that being said... what will you do? Pamper yourself! I say, when you take care of the outside, something beautiful happens with the In. Massages, mani/pedi, yoga, exercise, or a trip... whatever it may be for you... do it! PAMPER YOURSELF.
I have distinguished the 15th of every month as my "Self-Luxe Day"... my day to pamper (however small it may be!) and not feel guilty. For if I do not take care of myself, how can I take care of others?
With that set and a time of Lent upon us, I am excited about welcoming Spring in...I will be ready!! And I hope that you are too. So go out and get pampered... winter was hard and we all deserve something nice!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Share the Love

Many who know me say that I am true romantic at heart. No matter how many times Love has disappointed me, hurt me, disillusioned me, or broke me down...I have still been there consistently!

As we approach our season of Love, we begin to see all of the ways we can express our Love to others. And even with the economy the way it is...things are still expensive...and we continue to buy into it! I say...STOP!!! Find beautiful, simple ways to say what your heart feels and that way, you can say it every single day!

Also, share the Love with others! Strangers, those we meet or see in passing, or even someone you see everyday that might need a little boost. Let them know that all is not lost, Love still abounds and can be found in unexpected places and ways!

Today I requested "I Love You" cards from a website that was mentioned in DailyCandy Atlanta (sign up- it's a cool site!!!). You receive 25 of these cards for FREE! All you have to do is, when you leave it somewhere, take a pic and send it to their website for posting! How simple, how sweet. Here is the site to get your own cards and begin to share the Love!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Being out of pocket

Hello everyone.
Recently, I have felt like I have been "out of pocket" and extremely
As much as I have also felt like I have been in touch (especially via technology-internet, texting), life seems to have been passing me by!
Today, I am taking time to be still. Be still to take care of the little things and get back focused on what I am supposed to do in my life. Be still and do the things that make me happy. Be still and take care of me.

Is life passing you by? Do you feel a little out of pocket? Take time, my friend, to take care of the small you. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Do you believe in luck? Lucky horseshoes, rabbit's feet, four leaf clovers, wishbones...

I read an article in the most recent, "Oprah" magazine, about luck. The premise of the article is that you can make luck happen for you. Few things to remember; prepare for it, open yourself up to it, and something simple-smile more!
I believe in luck. I believe that those aforementioned tips will bring luck upon you.

The more I thought about what the article said, I began to think and believe that... luck is made by a higher being. Luck is the plan that was made for us and when it comes into fruition, we call it "luck".
Luck are blessings...

I would add one thing to the tips that were given...pray everyday for luck or God's grace and blessing. When you do, great things happen upon you. Continue to live your life right and luck will continue to "find" you!
Good luck and be blessed!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Hope. Faith. Change. Pride. History made.

According to is defined as:
1. to make a formal beginning of; initiate; commence; begin:
2. to induct into office with formal ceremonies; install.
3. to introduce into public use by some formal ceremony:

Today has meant so much to me, as well as to sooo many! But today, I see what it means to be patriotic, love my country, and want to do all that I can humanly do to make it what it should be.
President and First Lady Obama definitely have my support, my efforts, my heart, my tears, my prayers, and my love to help them and our country see through to our vision/mission!

Change has come!
And we must accept it and move forward....grow and evolve!
Today, as a country we were inaugurated. Inaugurated to make a promise to a purpose that might, today, seem greater than us, but because of us, can make a life and world better for US and our global community!
YES WE CAN and therefore, YES WE WILL!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just Breathe

How busy is your life right now? How many times in one day, one week, or one month do you feel overwhelmed by all things around you?
How many things do you feel are going "wrong"? Feeling anxious?

We are continuing in "detoxing" our inner spirit (well-being) by "removing" all of those anxious, overwhelming, negative feelings and thoughts. How, do you ask?

By being still and just breathe.

When you are still (meaning not doing anything...actually sitting there!, you are able to listen to your breathing. Concentrate on the inhaling and exhaling of it. Keep in mind that your breathe is a life source. It means you are alive. And in that is a blessing.

When you take time to focus on nothing but that blessing, you then leave room in your heart and mind for prayer. Praying is your conversation with God (or whatever higher being you believe in). When you pray and are still, that conversation is a real one that involves your speaking and God giving you a response(being still enables you to hear or feel the answer!)
And I don't know about you...but when this occurs...there is nothing in the world that feels greater! All is good with life! No busyness, no feeling overwhelmed, no anxiety.
Only peace.
So do something right for yourself today, just breathe!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Getting over the "hump"

Each day of the week has always had a meaning to me, in my adult life.
Don't care for Mondays (always get a "Case of the Mondays"!). Tuesdays I wish were my first work day of the week. Wednesdays are in the middle and are considered hump days. Thursdays are the planning days for the weekend plans. Fridays are for "lazying around".
With today being Wednesday, it is then Humpday. My best friend and I used to celebrate this day with dinner and drinks and lament over how we had gotten "over the hump" of the current week. These were some of the best hump days and I found it easier to "get over the hump" when I had something to look forward to! Now due to schedule conflicts, we no longer get together for our humpday dinners...but that doesn't mean that I can't find something else new to look forward to. In order to get over the hump!
Take time to today to decide what can you do for yourself to get over the hump. What can you look forward to just to make it through the week? How will you celebrate getting over the "hump"?!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A simple thought...


Tomorrow is just a day away,

But think, today was tomorrow,

Yesterday was a tomorrow, the day before yesterday was a tomorrow.

Everyday is a tomorrow.

There is hope.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Too Blessed to be Stressed!

This week needs to be a well-being detox! There have been many things going on with my loved ones around me and I feel like it is time to get rid of the "toxins" in our daily lives.

I have heard the phrase, "too blessed to be stressed", most of my adult life and I continue to battle with stress, despite "feeling" very blessed.
There are times that I have also tried using that phrase as a mantra to meditate with, but to no avail. So I concluded that my stress was blocking my blessings!

Therefore, I have to analysis and evaluate why is it that I am too stressed to accept being blessed?!
Just like pros and cons, I decided to make a list of things that are blessings in my life and other side, the things that stress me out. Try it! First step of detoxing is to get rid of the stress!

Make it a mission to increase the blessings and decrease the stressing in your life... then the phrase will be truth!
So go ahead friend...become too blessed to be stressed. You are WORTH it!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Time flies!

Have you all noticed that we are almost through the first week of January of 2009!? It is so crazy how time flies!
It just continues to show me how valuable time is and not to WASTE IT with frivolity. Make it count people...
Every second
Every minute
Every hour
Every day
Every week
Every month
Every year

Just make it count forever! And there is a long time between now and forever! So much time to make a lot things memorable and count! Time flies...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

From my alter-ego....Callalili


One day at a time

Stepping through a journey

Finding a way for it to

Become mine.

A journey of love.

An insatiable desire

to find the unconditional

of it in One.


Emotional intensity.

Connection of souls.

A journey of power.

Feeling the strength of

empowerment and inspiration.

Feeling free.

Free to be me- in a phenomenal way.

A journey of truth.

Looking through my own eyes

at the mirror within.

Reality and knowledge

Trust and peace of mind.

A long while coming…..

One day at a time

Stepping over barriers and evil

Kneeling to pray for

Comfort, counsel, and grace

Flying on the wings of faith

That this journey will be mine.


Monday, January 5, 2009

Do You for YOU

Have you ever heard or seen something that you wanted to run out and tell everyone all about? Today is one of those moments for me. The other day I conferred to my little book of hope, "Faith in the Valley" by Iyanla Vanzant. There was a passage about self- value and self-worth. I reflected on this piece as I thought more about being true to myself and what that really meant. In "Faith in the Valley", Iyanla says, "We try to make everything all right for other people. When they hurt, we to stop their pain. When they need, we do everything in our power to ensure that the need is met." She continues with, "Some of us have a need to be needed. We derive our self-value and self-worth from the things we do for others. Unfortunately, in the doing process we often lose sight of ourselves and our needs. Remember that you set the standards for how you will be treated. People will treat you the exact way you treat yourself." So with that being said, "Be good to you. Take time for yourself. Rest. Play. Shower yourself with affection, support, and gifts. Don't be afraid to be unavailable. Train yourself to know when to say no. Affirm 'I have something to do for myself.'"

To sum it up...Do You for YOU!!! Whatever it may be, just be true to you.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome 2009!!!

I have resolved to not have any "resolutions" for this year, but rather Promises. I have had enough of disappointments, therefore, I know that I will be more apt to keep promises- especially those made to myself.
The best thing about these promises are that their foundation are based on doing something that many of us tend to not do on a daily basis.
It is nothing that is selfish nor is about making yourself a top priority. Even if it is something as small as treating yourself to flowers or a massage. When you do this, you are able to be of better use to others and to the work that we know needs to be done in this new year.
Therefore, I dare you....put yourself first...feel it, act on it, embrace it, and BE IT!

Thank you for coming 2009...looking forward to legendary times!