Sunday, June 13, 2010

Love of myself

Little brown-skinned girl

Promise in yourself
Little brown-skinned girl
Because no one else will
The road before you may seem rough
And times you will get weary
You are tough
Tougher than you ever know.

Desire more for yourself
Little brown-skinned girl
No one can believe in you enough
Your journey will lead you to many paths
But just know that all are not meant to be for you.

Stand tall against it all
Little brown-skinned girl
Times will come when you want to tell the world, 
"stop I'm getting off!" and it won't let you...
you hold on by a thread.
Stand firm and grip on tight for the ride.
The skin you are in is powerful
Little brown-skinned girl
Its smoothness embodies the strength
You possess. 
 People have feared its depths and have misunderstood its fullness.
 Don't be shy, embrace it whole.

Love for you.
Little brown-skinned girl
You are not perfect, you are human.
Mistakes will be made for you to birth new opportunities from.
Espouse all of your good and help it become your greatness.

These are words of advice
Little brown-skinned girl
For you to face this life with.

C. Arin Atkins

*Growing up in the South, there were was a phase of time where the skin I wore was not popular (lighter skin was preferred). Internally this caused a slight strife in my esteem, but I never let it plant a seed to allow it to grown. However I know of girls who did not know that Black is Beautiful. That the darker the berry the sweeter the juice. I hurt for them, for they know not their strength, nor the influence the color of their skin has on beauty. This poem was written so that no other little brown skinned girl will grow up not knowing her power and loving herself-no matter the skin she is in.Enjoy.

Peace, Life, Love

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Addendum to Having it All

I wanted to add to my previous post that we all must remember that our Packages and what we consider our All is different. That's what makes this world so great....Diversity. So in saying that, it doesn't matter what your All is, it all begins with prayer. Be being prayerful and open to the journey it takes! Like my grandfather always said...nothing is worth anything if you don't go through something to get it! Enjoy!

Having it all

This morning I happened to catch a part of the Reunion of the Housewives of New York. And there was one thing that really struck me. Bethenny was becoming emotional about having a successful business, a wonderful fiancĂ©, and a baby on the way. According to her, she never thought that she could or even would "have it all".
Since when has it become a time that women feel like, what I call "The Package", was out of reach? Many, including myself at some point of desperateness, feel that they must trade a successful career for a marriage and baby or vice versa. When did this happen? Regardless, it is important for us to know that it is not the case.
My road to having my "Package" has had it's valleys and mountains, but recognizing that its a journey and that what I'm wanting is not a destination, was the key to me having it all. Right now, my life is in a good place. I'm in a wonderful, supportive relationship with a man that I can say is my best friend, have an engaging career, and see the possibility of having a baby as more than just a dream. And just to think it all began with prayer. A simple prayer that was heard and now being manifested.
Empower yourself with prayer and there is nothing that can stop you...including, but not limited to, having it All.

Peace, Life, Love

A little poetry

Fallen from Heaven

Fallen from heaven
A gift to earth
She has become
Formed from the dust of stars
Celestial dew upon eyelids
Mouth shimmering with powder of moon.
Travelling with
The pains of yesteryear
The passions of present
The promises of tomorrows
All mapped in her heart
Stories of faith of the people
Etched across her canvass

Twin soul beacons
finding their match.
He fears that in her
May be his Achilles
Within her,he knows that she
will bring Deliverance from her Womb.
The One born with a bestowed name of
First Peace
Middle Love
Last Life

Fallen from heaven
Together they are to form
A colony from earthly chaos.
Destiny undaunting, Power unwavering
Theirs to claim, reap, and sow.
Knowledge and its wealth to spread
beyond the gates of Eden.

Side by side in prayer and vigilance of justice
they rein.
Strength is his name.
Grace is hers.
Passion knotted together infinitely.
Descent from heaven for a world to become 
more grounded in righteousness and love.

*Sometimes I find inspiration in the oddest places. As a woman, every month I am reminded of the Story of Eve, due to obvious biological reasons (smile). Not only am I reminded of the sinful part of the story, but that Eve was a woman with purpose. As women, we need to remember that we are of Purpose. We have a job that we are called to do and must stand on it with God's Promises to accomplish it. This is my perspective of the Story. The job that she and we are called to do. Enjoy.

Peace, Life, Love

Monday, May 31, 2010

In Memorial

Today marks the holiday that we officially honor those who have served to protect our country and all it stands for. I believe that there is never enough gratitude to those that are currently and have done this for us.
It frightens me to think if I would have personally lost a loved one or friend to battle. I try to understand ones need to fullfill this service and come to terms to why we are in wars in the first place.
Now not to diminish what this day was originally intended for. But how could we not truly keep in memory and honor those who also made sacrifices with their lives and more for all of the other ways our lives have been changed? So in addition to servicemen and servicewomen, I want to honor and thank my ancestors, civil rights pursurers, and anyone else that has done something to make a difference in the way I am able to live today! Thank you, thank you, and thank you! I salute you all!
Peace, Life, Love

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Why of People

At first it started out as being a part of the job. Then it became a part of me. After my inquiring of a decision made, or a thought had, even feelings....I would ask then hear myself ask the person, "Why?" I felt a need to know more information and to gain additional insight into the responder.
This has become my thing! Even catch myself wondering the why to my own thoughts, feelings, and decisions. Because hey you never know when someone will ask me why!
There is even a book that I would like to reas entitled, "Start with Why". Check it out, too! You never know what you may learn! :-)

Sunday, May 23, 2010


The longer you live,the more you learn! Something that I've been learning in the past few weeks is that the Art of Commonsense is dying. No longer are people using rational thoughts or their gut feelings (intutition)! What is going on!?
I can't understand it...