Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Funny how...

These are some random thoughts I've had this month. Enjoy! just happens to you and sometimes YOU happen to it?
... One's love of self is displayed in love for others that look like you?
...someone can make the most of your day by just sharing in it with you? the struggling of times, you can find the best memories? meet people that come in your life and leave an impression that carries on?
...time seems to not mean anything when you are with good people?
... As Black Americans we disrespect ourselves the most by not celebrating or making a huge deal out of the reason for this month?! the way I like Twitter way more than facebook! just know what you want when something or someone happens in your life?
...I'm sooo ready to face life a little more than I did in the beginning of this month?
...we "give up" something for Lenten season only to gain so much more, especially spiritually? sometimes a no is your path to a yes? can so many random thoguhts as these and not think to share them?

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Sometimes you come to a crossroad.. Life offers you many! And for folks like me, somewhat indecisive, it can be a stressful choose which path to take! But what I have now learned to do is to not worry or over analyze or think way too much about it.
 Instead, I decide that I will make moves and then Frost's poem comes to mind-I often take a road less traveled. There are times when I do conform and follow the well worn paths because some experience and history can be beneficial. But regardless of the path chosen, make a move! Don't get stagant!! Life continues to happen around you, so be a part of it! Good luck in your travels!
Remember happiness is a part of the journey and is not a destination!Get moving....and don't stop 'til you have breathe no more!
Peace, Life, Love

Monday, February 1, 2010

Month of Love

Happy February!! Of course this month is about celebrating Black History and Valentine's Day. I love the month of may be the shortest month, but that makes me treasure each day in it more and more.
I want this month to be all about Love!
Love of our history-what it means for our present and how it influences our futures.
Love of ourselves-take care and treat yourself special.
Love of others-there is so much negativity in our world today that it is so important (now more than ever) to treat our brothers and sisters better.

Show Love. 
Feel Love.
Think Love.
Act out of Love.
Be Love!

Love is not always a noun...make it a verb...Put it into action, this month(especially) and every month....remember that! Celebrate love all month...make each day special in your own way.