Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Share the Love

Many who know me say that I am true romantic at heart. No matter how many times Love has disappointed me, hurt me, disillusioned me, or broke me down...I have still been there consistently!

As we approach our season of Love, we begin to see all of the ways we can express our Love to others. And even with the economy the way it is...things are still expensive...and we continue to buy into it! I say...STOP!!! Find beautiful, simple ways to say what your heart feels and that way, you can say it every single day!

Also, share the Love with others! Strangers, those we meet or see in passing, or even someone you see everyday that might need a little boost. Let them know that all is not lost, Love still abounds and can be found in unexpected places and ways!

Today I requested "I Love You" cards from a website that was mentioned in DailyCandy Atlanta (sign up- it's a cool site!!!). You receive 25 of these cards for FREE! All you have to do is, when you leave it somewhere, take a pic and send it to their website for posting! How simple, how sweet. Here is the site to get your own cards and begin to share the Love!!

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