Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

Spring will be sprung upon us by the end of this week! Often when this time approaches, I like to take some time to go through my "stuff"-especially my house (closets!). Now, I am thinking that there is more in life to spring clean some other things in my life.Like a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual cleaning!
I am thinking that one way to get this done is to confront your sh*&! So many of us are afraid to do this- looking at the man/woman in the mirror and being honest. It can be a challenge and a refreshing experience.

Today, I will take steps for prepping for my spring cleaning. My pastor challenged us today to give up a negative habit and replace it with a positive one for a week. Although I haven't decided what my habit will be, I am up to the challenge and hope that you will try it as well! I look forward to seeing what the cleaning/cleansing holds for me and you! And I come out brand spanking new...or at least close to! Happy Spring Cleaning!

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