Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Sometimes you come to a crossroad.. Life offers you many! And for folks like me, somewhat indecisive, it can be a stressful matter...to choose which path to take! But what I have now learned to do is to not worry or over analyze or think way too much about it.
 Instead, I decide that I will make moves and then Frost's poem comes to mind-I often take a road less traveled. There are times when I do conform and follow the well worn paths because some experience and history can be beneficial. But regardless of the path chosen, make a move! Don't get stagant!! Life continues to happen around you, so be a part of it! Good luck in your travels!
Remember happiness is a part of the journey and is not a destination!Get moving....and don't stop 'til you have breathe no more!
Peace, Life, Love

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