Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Funny how...

These are some random thoughts I've had this month. Enjoy! just happens to you and sometimes YOU happen to it?
... One's love of self is displayed in love for others that look like you?
...someone can make the most of your day by just sharing in it with you? the struggling of times, you can find the best memories? meet people that come in your life and leave an impression that carries on?
...time seems to not mean anything when you are with good people?
... As Black Americans we disrespect ourselves the most by not celebrating or making a huge deal out of the reason for this month?! the way I like Twitter way more than facebook! just know what you want when something or someone happens in your life?
...I'm sooo ready to face life a little more than I did in the beginning of this month?
...we "give up" something for Lenten season only to gain so much more, especially spiritually? sometimes a no is your path to a yes? can so many random thoguhts as these and not think to share them?

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