Saturday, June 12, 2010

A little poetry

Fallen from Heaven

Fallen from heaven
A gift to earth
She has become
Formed from the dust of stars
Celestial dew upon eyelids
Mouth shimmering with powder of moon.
Travelling with
The pains of yesteryear
The passions of present
The promises of tomorrows
All mapped in her heart
Stories of faith of the people
Etched across her canvass

Twin soul beacons
finding their match.
He fears that in her
May be his Achilles
Within her,he knows that she
will bring Deliverance from her Womb.
The One born with a bestowed name of
First Peace
Middle Love
Last Life

Fallen from heaven
Together they are to form
A colony from earthly chaos.
Destiny undaunting, Power unwavering
Theirs to claim, reap, and sow.
Knowledge and its wealth to spread
beyond the gates of Eden.

Side by side in prayer and vigilance of justice
they rein.
Strength is his name.
Grace is hers.
Passion knotted together infinitely.
Descent from heaven for a world to become 
more grounded in righteousness and love.

*Sometimes I find inspiration in the oddest places. As a woman, every month I am reminded of the Story of Eve, due to obvious biological reasons (smile). Not only am I reminded of the sinful part of the story, but that Eve was a woman with purpose. As women, we need to remember that we are of Purpose. We have a job that we are called to do and must stand on it with God's Promises to accomplish it. This is my perspective of the Story. The job that she and we are called to do. Enjoy.

Peace, Life, Love

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