Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lessons learned

This past week has been one of significant change for me and my family. We have lost the matriarch of our family, my dear grandmother. I loved that my mother said that although my grandmother's physical heart was weak, she loved us tremendously. And even more she loved God.
She not only passed on stories of family history, but also life lessons that I can still use to this day. I learned about social graces and the importance of being a true independent, Southern Lady. She knew how to make the best meals, be a best friend to her husband, catering to her family, and the importance of higher education by obtaining two degrees. More than anything, I learned that you should always be true to yourself and your dreams.
She will be missed everyday, but I know that I now have a new Guardian Angel to watch over me and my dreams. One that truly believes in me and them. I miss her, I love her, and want to make her proud.
Here's to lessons learned....

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