Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Black Positive Image Presents: "You Don't Know My Story" Campaign

Often there are times when something strikes me and creates an inspirational, teachable moment in me. This is one! One of the young ladies I follow on Twitter speaks of this campaign and I want to do my part by sharing the word! Please become a part of something positive and forward moving and thinking! Thank you!
You Don't Know My Story is a campaign geared towards recognizing self prosperity through reflection and appreciation that everyone has a life story worth telling.

Black Positive Image has partnered with an 8th grade after school program in Atlanta, Georgia that serves as a vessel in continuing this campaign. We plan to create a booklet of submissions for the young ladies involved in the character development program and also post them to a blog site created for the campaign.

Help us bring this campaign to life! All we ask is that you take the time to share your story so that young ladies and people around can learn, reflect, and grow.

Submission Details:
v Female Submissions Only
v Stories should e mailed to: knowmystory@gmail.com
v Length: 1-2 pages single spaced
v Submissions can be Anonymous
v We encourage you to invite your network to help keep this campaign alive.
v Understand by submitting a story you give us permission to use it for the printed booklet. However, we will still make selections based on the quantity received. Please specify if you would like to remove your submission from being posted on a blog. Dates:

v Deadline : 4/12/10
v Notified of use for Booklet: 4/23/10
v Booklet made by :5/4/10

Thank you in advance for helping bring this campaign alive and helping young ladies experience triumph through your lens.

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