Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I set out this month challenging myself to write on my blog everyday this month. Well, as you can see, I have not been able to keep up! I guess with the ending of the school year I am getting so unfocused on ME!
Crazy how I become undisciplined when it comes to the matters of taking care of myself. I take some "mental health days"  but not enough for me to feel recovered-fully...then life happens. I tell myself to go to the spa more often....then life happens and I never make it. With summer coming up, I want to look my best, therefore, I tell myself to exercise more and eat healthier..then life happens and I never put in the time. Every time I need to be focused and disciplined on taking care of me, I find no time or energy left....
However, I want to become more disciplined in the coming days. Becoming more disciplined will also help me to  accomplish so much more! And as for my daily breath of fresh air...I will try to do a lot better about "breathing" and taking time to smell the roses...in order to write more!

Peace, Life, Love

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