Monday, December 28, 2009

2009....the things to leave behind

There are about 3 more days left in 2009. I was thinking what made an impression on me this year, in a positive way. The list was somewhat short honestly. It made me see that I am a little more than ready to welcome a new year.
I also reflected on what are the things I would like to leave behind in is my short list.
1. Negative people: If you don't bring positive energy into my life, you will not be welcomed in.
2. Complaining: this is a bad habit of mine and what does it accomplish in the end? Complaining is not a resolution, it's only a hinderance.
3. No follow through: I can no longer short myself or those around me. If I thought something is worthwhile of my involvement, then I need to be 100 in it.
4. Thinking of what others may think:
Not that i don't care what you may think, because I'm human and I still will no matter what. But I'm coming to a place that what others may think will not be a priority in my future actions and plans.

I'm sure there are other miscellaneous things that I will make leave behind and people for that matter. However these are the things I wil consciously work on leaving behind in 2009. Be blessed.
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