Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Decade

I am now even more excited, for whatever reason, about this new year upon us. Not only does it signify the end of 2009, but it also is the beginning of a new decade! Our new decade, I believe, will be defined by freedom of creative expression. More will we see people using the right side of their brains, which fosters our creativity...and we as a global community,  are in need of more REAL, MEANINGFUL things in our daily world. There seems to be a need for us to fully express our feelings, thoughts in all types of expressive means.
Remember, art tells the story of life...let's create more beautiful, inspirational art, for our life is beginning to depend on it.
I will also be moving my blog into that direction...look for the new changes to come as I  begin to change. As always, your love, support, and well wishes are greatly appreciated!

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