Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Hope. Faith. Change. Pride. History made.

According to Dictionary.com...Inaugurate is defined as:
1. to make a formal beginning of; initiate; commence; begin:
2. to induct into office with formal ceremonies; install.
3. to introduce into public use by some formal ceremony:

Today has meant so much to me, as well as to sooo many! But today, I see what it means to be patriotic, love my country, and want to do all that I can humanly do to make it what it should be.
President and First Lady Obama definitely have my support, my efforts, my heart, my tears, my prayers, and my love to help them and our country see through to our vision/mission!

Change has come!
And we must accept it and move forward....grow and evolve!
Today, as a country we were inaugurated. Inaugurated to make a promise to a purpose that might, today, seem greater than us, but because of us, can make a life and world better for US and our global community!
YES WE CAN and therefore, YES WE WILL!

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