Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just Breathe

How busy is your life right now? How many times in one day, one week, or one month do you feel overwhelmed by all things around you?
How many things do you feel are going "wrong"? Feeling anxious?

We are continuing in "detoxing" our inner spirit (well-being) by "removing" all of those anxious, overwhelming, negative feelings and thoughts. How, do you ask?

By being still and just breathe.

When you are still (meaning not doing anything...actually sitting there!, you are able to listen to your breathing. Concentrate on the inhaling and exhaling of it. Keep in mind that your breathe is a life source. It means you are alive. And in that is a blessing.

When you take time to focus on nothing but that blessing, you then leave room in your heart and mind for prayer. Praying is your conversation with God (or whatever higher being you believe in). When you pray and are still, that conversation is a real one that involves your speaking and God giving you a response(being still enables you to hear or feel the answer!)
And I don't know about you...but when this occurs...there is nothing in the world that feels greater! All is good with life! No busyness, no feeling overwhelmed, no anxiety.
Only peace.
So do something right for yourself today, just breathe!

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