Monday, January 12, 2009

Too Blessed to be Stressed!

This week needs to be a well-being detox! There have been many things going on with my loved ones around me and I feel like it is time to get rid of the "toxins" in our daily lives.

I have heard the phrase, "too blessed to be stressed", most of my adult life and I continue to battle with stress, despite "feeling" very blessed.
There are times that I have also tried using that phrase as a mantra to meditate with, but to no avail. So I concluded that my stress was blocking my blessings!

Therefore, I have to analysis and evaluate why is it that I am too stressed to accept being blessed?!
Just like pros and cons, I decided to make a list of things that are blessings in my life and other side, the things that stress me out. Try it! First step of detoxing is to get rid of the stress!

Make it a mission to increase the blessings and decrease the stressing in your life... then the phrase will be truth!
So go ahead friend...become too blessed to be stressed. You are WORTH it!

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