Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What is it Worth?

As we continue our merry ways in the Holiday season, we are keeping in mind our budgets for gifts, going out, and our day to day. As hard as we might try, we fight to stay within our budgets and to get things done. But I ask you pause for a minute and ask yourself....what is it all worth?

Shopping = 8+ hours
Newest gaming system= $250
Cashmere sweater= $50 +
New boots= $200
New coat= $150
New designer jeans= $75 +
New diamond anything= $100 +
CDs, DVDs= $11 +

Spending time with loved ones & friends= priceless
Telling someone how much you care for them= priceless
Helping someone (whether you know them or not!)= priceless
Writing personal notes to others (not an email...)= priceless
Taking a walk= priceless
Exercising= priceless (and helps to relieve stress!)
Savoring something sweet to eat= priceless
Praying (or just chatting with God)= priceless
Being still= priceless

This season, take time to look at your lists and decide what are things really worth to you and in your life. Spend more time on and giving those things that could be "priceless"! Believe me they would be so worth it!

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