Monday, December 29, 2008


As the holiday season winds down, we begin to gear up our preparations for the New Year! To me, this is always such an exciting time of year. But it is also bittersweet, in the sense, that another year is ending and there are so many moments that we have to bid adieu to.
However, we all know that time marches on and so must we. As you prepare for the New Year and all of its festive celebrations, think of what else you need to do for yourself to prepare.What or whom will you "shed" from you or your life in the new year? What are you promising to yourself in the new year? What do you want from the new year? What from the new year will you welcome into your life and heart?
By answering these questions and doing a little soul searching, you will begin to find a way of preparing that might open you up to so much of what you deserve in the New Year!

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